From The Bottom Up!

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ONE of the hardest things about writing any story is the beginning.

I’ve suffered startitus ever since school and those endless essays you had to hammer out. It was the same at Uni too.

It isn’t a motivation issue, but more of a how do I get the bloody thing started.

So instead of agonising over the start I’ve started writing from the bottom up. I find I know where I want to get to so i have been rebuilding to the introduction. I don’t do this every time but it’s a technique that seems to be doing the trick at the moment.

Have you got any little writing tips you can pass on?

My latest project has now gone to my publisher and I await their comments and feedback.

It’s always a scary time when you give a project away as it’s been part of you for a long time and there is a reluctance to let it go. But I had others to get on with and now I wait the proofs!

Wish me luck!!