9-5 + Microadventure = 5-9

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A busy 9-5 type of life – and more hours besides – needs an outlet to refresh the senses.

Struggling to get any kind of proper time off I opted to flip my day around and settle on a 5-9 adventure – or microadventure as they are more popularly known these days.

Little planning was necessary, although I always seem to overplan and overthink, just a pack with my camera in and some walking clothes.

Then, I was on my way up the M6 to try and fit in a blast around the Dales and possibly the chance to photograph an amazing sunset.

Meeting up with Johnny Hartnell from Inglesport we opted on a circular ‘see what happens’ route, with a pint at the end. We had a vague plan; avoid getting wet, stretch the legs and be back before it went dark. No need for a map, just some water, little conversation and hope for the best.

Our route went something like thus. Head towards the Youth Hostel, check out a limekiln, join a little seen river that flows into Ingleton, climb up to the stepping stones near Beezley and then come back via Ingleton Quarry and up towards Crina Bottom.

Only a few miles but good fun…

It also took in mole traps, watching wild deer, photographing a lone tree and then some iphone caving down Skirwith Cave due to the lack of torches on our person.

From there, snap a superb sunset, talk about sheep carcasses, explore a geocache in Storrs Cave and finally enjoy a nice refreshing pint in the Wheatsheaf.

Superb – and it goes to show that 9-5 needn’t be a bad thing… if you have a 5-9 ready and waiting.

Below are some of the unedited pics from the bimble. The purple river is a particular favourite but the iphone pic of the column inside Skirwith is a joy to behold.

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