Off The Cuff

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I’VE tried not to worry about the reviews for my latest book because for the first time in a while I know the piece of work I’ve produced is pretty decent.

I don’t want that to sound arrogant but sometimes you just realise what you’ve done is ok and this time around I’m pleased with the end product.

I’ve always been the sort of person that seeks out some kind of external ‘support’ and recognition for my work because sometimes I’m not totally confident in my own ability.

I know I can write though and as this is my third published book – my fourth is on the way – I shouldn’t really need that feedback.

But sometimes you need that extra nudge from an external source to just confirm what you know, deep down.

Most writers will check out reviews and the vast majority will take on board any comments that are made.

If they’re good of course.

In the past I would have let the negative ones have more bearing on how I felt about a project – even though the majority of comments would have been mostly positive.

Weirdly, this made me more determined to make sure this book was right.

Yes, I know people won’t like it. There will be fans of Lee who wanted a more linear story and some who will find the overlapping story-lines difficult to follow.

But Briersy played ‘Off the Cuff’ so it was only fitting really that we adopted a similar style. It was never our intention to do that, but it kinda ended up that way.

On the plus side I’ve received comments from some of the most critical of my peers – journos! They don’t give out praise that often, but this time they have.

Nice of them. Shows what free copies can do!

My next project is a biggy for me as it is different from the norm. It’s not sport related, it’s the Yorkshire Dales and my second home.

I’ve invested so much time and energy in to it that perhaps I will need some external recognition of its success.

That said, once it is in my hands, I’m sure I will feel as excited as I did when Lee Briers: Off The Cuff, hit my doorstep.

Check out the clip at the bottom of this page to hear myself and Lee talking about the project and what it means to us both.