Highs, Lows and Hypos Launched

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Apologies for the lack of updates at Mascarandy Towers recently – things have been tipping on behind the scenes in readiness for two books, one of which has been released today (Saturday October 14).

Danny Sculthorpe’s Highs, Lows and Hypos was launched at Waterstones in Wigan with queues stretching out of the door. We’re truly humbled at the response, and we were signing copies long after the official session close time before popping over to the Wigan Warriors’ store and signing up another 50.

I use the royal ‘we’ there… Danny did all the signing. Being a ghost writer can be an odd experience when it comes to a launch. The majority of work in a book comes from the writer but come release time the subject receives all the plaudits.

And rightly so! Without the story from the subject, the book can’t be written…

Anyone who knows me knows this doesn’t phase me one bit. I was happy to be in the background and I am honoured that Danny chose me to help write his story.

At times it wasn’t pretty or easy for him to speak on what happened … and for me too to listen, not interject, and let him use his own words… although it also enabled me to open up to Danny with some of my own past struggles.

I think it was cathartic for Danny to impart his story like that and I’m sure it will do well for him.

One of the things that fascinated me at the launch was how Danny was received. That may sound strange but when I penned my previous three autobiographies, the reaction was superb, don’t get me wrong, but this was different.

Those books were tales of a life’s work and the future. People bought them to read those stories and have a record of the player’s career.

Danny received lots of “I’m proud of you” throughout his signing session today; the book was recognition of how far he had come in his life, rather than it being a record of his life.

If that makes sense.

It was also good to see Steve Hampson and Ben Flower come out to support him too.

Danny’s story is well known in rugby league circles but it is his off-field tale that is harrowing and inspirational. I don’t want to give too much away so I would hope you would buy a copy of his book.

We have copies on sale in my store and have another signing at Waterstones in Warrington on October 21 from 12pm.


Car-crash tackles at lightning pace, brutal hits and extreme physical exertion in all weathers; rugby league is an unforgiving sport.

It’s a battle between player and opponent, whilst the demons inside your body are screaming at you that every sinew is in pain.

Show weakness and the opposition has an edge over you. You’ve already lost and you’ve also let your team-mates down. Don’t, and just maybe you can experience the best the sport has to offer and the adulation of thousands of supporters.

Danny Sculthorpe epitomised what being a tough, no-nonsense player was all about. Released by Leeds and Warrington before he’d even become a man, he revitalised his career at Rochdale. Then came the big money move to Wigan and the highs and lows of a cup final before he was unceremoniously dumped by a coach he thought had his back.

Spells at Castleford, Wakefield and Huddersfield followed until he landed at one of the most storied clubs in the world – Bradford Bulls. But agony struck. After beating countless injuries – and type one diabetes – over a long career that saw him captain his country, a simple training ground accident cost him his livelihood and almost his life.

Forced onto the scrapheap with many years ahead of him, depression followed alongside an addiction to medication and sleeping tablets. Worse was to follow as money troubles finally came home to roost, leaving one of the toughest players ever to play the game to contemplate suicide.

Highs, Lows and Hypos – The Danny Sculthorpe Story is an incredible story of being a sportsman at the top of your game to someone who came acutely close to losing everything.

It’s how one man battled his black, emotional state to become an inspiration for all.

You can buy the book here.