Fond Farewell Dr Farrer

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IT was with a sad heart that I learnt of the passing of Dr Farrer at Ingleborough Estate.

I interviewed him for my Inside the Dales project about his work in Clapham and the future of the area.

He was pretty frail at the time, but gave me an audience for more than half an hour whilst we chatted about how his family came to be in the Yorkshire Dales.

He told me: “I’d like to think my son and daughter will continue to run the Estate but who comes after them I don’t know. Hopefully there will be someone in the family to take it on. It is a big job and they will need to be determined. I have been here for more than 50 years in an area as nice as this and it is very special indeed. It has been good to continue on the work of my grandfather and those that came before him too.”

Amen to that. Good night Doc, and many many thanks.