5-9 Adventure – Video

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Regular visitors to this site will remember my penchant for caving and recently, 5-9 adventures.

I wrote last month here that ‘a busy 9-5 type of life – and more hours besides – needs an outlet to refresh the senses.’

It needs a 5-9 adventure.

Well, taking it a little further from the walk in that post, I ventured underground once again with my good friend Johnny Hartnell from Inglesport to the sandstone mines at Buttersett.

You can enjoy a video of the trip here or watch it below.

The mines are pretty extensive and we visited three in total. Of course, you need to have the right gear and be pretty competent to have a look round them. It also helps to be fit as mines are unlike caves in the fact they don’t usually have a free flow of air.

Both myself and Johnny found this out as we got deeper into the mine – it is very tiring indeed.

Thinking of getting some 5-9 adventures yourself? Then why not grab a copy of 50 Gems of the Yorkshire Dales here for some inspiration. 50 places in fact!