Something A Little Different!

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SO, cliche straightaway… it’s funny how things change.

Last time out I posted some pictures of my solo trip into the Yorkshire Dales. Those images now form part of my project and some are even on sale with the proceeds heading to the Cave Rescue Organisation.

Both my current tomes are doing well and my Yorkshire Dales one in particular has evolved to encompass more of pictures and a bigger visual impact.

An old gaffer of mine once told me I should ‘never lose my bottle…’ – basically if you know you have a talent then you shouldn’t be afraid to use it.

On countless occasions during my Dales project I have indeed come close to using my bottle.

I can write about sport – it is something I do for a living.

It is what I am and it took a fair while of grafting and long hours to reach where I am at present.

I always dreamt of working for my hometown club.

And now players have become friends and I’ve witnessed some incredible moments first hand including cup wins and dressing room celebrations, bus rides home, and yes, a fair few downs too. It’s an environment I’m comfortable with.

I believe you have to constantly challenge yourself and I’m now in that phase of my life. I’m 36 and despite I the fact still like Haribo and love listening to Paramore, I ain’t getting any younger!

That’s why the Dales book is important and needs to work for me.

I need to show I can write on other things than sport.

Weirdly, I’m actually not that bothered about selling thousands of books – although that would be nice – It’s more about proving to myself I can do it.

That feeling will come when it is submitted and I suppose, in the future, when it receives any kind of praise. The book is for me and to tell the real story of the Three Peaks of Yorkshire.

I’m shy, reserved and quite humble when it comes to my own work.

And so the change in structure of the project has worried me as it could move away from my original intentions. But it is something both myself and the publisher have agreed to so I’m not going in blind.

It the meantime I have created this page to show the project and have posted an audio clip too.

Check it out.

Finally, these postcards are on sale now – I’ve put a lot of work into them – so buy a pack and help out the CRO.