Norber Wanderings

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One of the features of my latest project is linking good pubs to good walks.

The hostelries are the primary focus with the wanderings a way of passing the time before, after (or in-between in a couple of cases) visiting them.

It’s different from usual pub books which see the boozers as an A and B point on the route.

These are walkers pubs, there are reasons for walkers visiting them – and the walks galvanise that bond.

Ok, so that’s a little grandiose but when it’s out, you’ll get my meaning.

For instance, you could visit the Barbon Inn and enjoy is warm, country style interior. But popping in after climbing The Calf, caked up to your knees with mud, will make that first pint all the better.

One of my recent wanderings in researching this project took me to Norber which is roughly just over a mile from Austwick – and the Game Cock Inn.

It was a walk I hadn’t done before – but heard a lot about due to the erratics and the views from Norber itself.

I don’t want to give too much of the walk away, but I was memorised by what I saw – the erratics in particular are stunning – and the sightlines that stretched all the way in front of me to include Pen-y-ghent at one angle,  before going near enough 180 to see Ingleborough.

I think the pictures below do it justice…

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